Dutch Translation ServicesIf you’re reading this, then you’re probably looking for Dutch Translation Services in Melbourne. Rest assured,  Melbourne Translations is here to help you with your  NAATI certified Dutch Translator needs. Our prices start at only $69.00 and we can provide urgent Dutch translations if necessary.

NAATI Certified Dutch Translator

Our team of project managers, proofreaders and Dutch translators are experienced in providing high-quality translations and will make sure you receive accurate and error-free translations. With wide experience in translating Dutch documents, Melbourne Translation has created a huge network of NAATI certified Dutch translators.

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Documents We Translate

Whether you are a business or an organisation needing a Dutch translation concerning legal documents, engineering manuals, marketing documents, financial reports and other technical documents, we have the most qualified translator in your specific field.

On the other hand, if you are an individual looking for Dutch translation services for your personal and legal needs such as translations for your birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, ID cards, academic transcripts, diploma certificates and other personal documents.

We Provide Dutch Translation Services Just For You

Every year, we complete thousands of Dutch translations. All of which has been 100% received by authorities requiring certified translations.

We only pick the most qualified and experienced NAATI certified Dutch translators to handle your projects. As NAATI is Australia’s governing body in the translating and interpreting industries which ensures the high standards of all translated documents, you’ll be confident that you will only receive translations that meet these criteria.

Need your document sooner?

No worries! Melbourne Translations offers Express and Instant Dutch translation services where your translation will be delivered within 24 hours. How fast is that?

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Facts About the Dutch Language That You Probably Didn’t Know AboutDutch Translator Melbourne

1. With its roots in the Germanic language, Dutch, English and German have some similarities. This makes it the easiest language for native English speakers to learn.

2. There are English words that are similar to Dutch such as:

  • banaan-banana
  • groen-green
  • blauw-blue
  • rood-red
  • appel-apple
  • tomaat-tomato

3. The earliest Dutch writing goes back to the 6th century about some book on Salic Law.

4. The Dutch language has borrowed words from Hebrew and French, just like how English borrows words from other languages.

5. A 35-letter long word, Meervoudigepersoonlijkheidsstoornis, is the longest Dutch word which means multiple personality disorder

6. ‘Gezellig’ may just be the most important Dutch word as it has no literal translation in the English language. The word means jovial, familiar, warm, friendly and cozy.

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Price Guide - Dutch Translations in Melbourne

Personal Dutch Translations
For as low as $69 per page, we will translate your documents in no time! But please do note that prices will vary for each document depending on the lenght, language, complexity and deadline.

Corporate and Government Translations

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