Lithuanian belongs to the Indo-European languages and is one of the oldest. Until today, the language was able to preserve the features found in Sanskrit and Ancient Greek. Aside from being archaic, it is also famous for its resilience. During Soviet rule after WWII, Lithuanians were banned from being used in schools and writing books. Russian became the official language and Lithuanian was downgraded to being only a secondary language.

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Melbourne Translations has created a team of Lithuanian project managers and translators who have enough knowledge of the nuances of the English and Lithuanian languages. Our Lithuanian translation services are tailored to provide solutions to your Lithuanian translation needs. We have skilled and experienced NAATI Lithuanian translators who offer top-quality Lithuanian translation services that adhere to the high standards of Australia.

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We have created two types of Lithuanian translation services – urgent and standard processing times.

Our urgent Lithuanian translation services have a rapid turnaround time of fewer than 24 hours. You can contact us regarding this using the Live Chat below.

On the other hand, our standard processing time takes our translators 2 to 3 working days to finish a document with three pages or less.

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For affordable Lithuanian translation services undertaken by NAATI certified Lithuanian translators, Melbourne Translations has your back. For seven years and counting, we have provided the lowest rates in Melbourne for the highest quality of Lithuanian translation services. There’s no need to look any further; our translations start at only AU $69.00 per page.

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About the Lithuanian LanguageLithuanian Translation Services

Here are five interesting facts and trivia about the Lithuanian language:

  • Diacritics are used in the Lithuanian alphabet. As a result, the language is composed of 32 letters, instead of the usual 26.
  • The Lithuanian language has two dialects – Samogitian, Lowland Lithuanian and Highland Lithuanian. These two each have three sub-dialects.
  • Lithuanian belongs to the Baltic Family of languages and is one of the two languages from this group that still exists today. The other language is Latvian.
  • The oldest Lithuanian record is from the 16th century.
  • Some people believe that the language was able to preserve words as far back as the last Ice Age which happened more than 11,000 years ago.