Malay Translation ServicesAre you in need of Malay translation services for your visa application or legal documents? Are you a business looking for a translation for your technical documents? Melbourne Translation consists of NAATI certified Malay translators that can translate your documents fast and accurately.

NAATI Certified Malay Translator

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Why Choose Us

As the leading provider of Malay translation services in Melbourne, we boast a team of Malay translators who are:

NAATI Accredited

All of our Malay translators are NAATI certified, so rest assured that your documents will contain a NAATI stamp. Our Malay translation services can be used for all your needs where certified translations are asked for.

All Documents

Maybe you need to translate a Malay birth certificate into English? Or even a Malay driver’s licence? How about a large technical operations manual? No matter how big or small your Malay translation request is, Melbourne Translations can assist!


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High Quality and Accurate Outputs

Melbourne Translations prides itself on providing Malay translations that have a 100% acceptance rate by authorities requiring Malay translations undertaken by a NAATI certified Malay translators. Our Malay NAATI translators are trained and experienced in providing accurate, and error-free NAATI certified translated texts.

But wait there’s more! Melbourne Translations provides easy-to-use online Malay translation services. Just fill in the online form on this page, attach your documents, and complete payments and we’ll send you the final translation in no time! If you need a hard copy, let us know. We can post a hard copy of the translation via Regular Post or Express Post (additional postage and handling fee applies).

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Payment Methods

If you’re ready to get your translations completed by our highly skilled Malay translators after you have received your exact quote, then you can send your payment via credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.

Interesting Facts About the Malay LanguageMalay translation

  • Malay only became popular when it was used by the Sultanate of Malacca as a trade language in the 15th century.
  • The current Malay used today is heavily influenced by a variety of languages such as Hindu, Persian, Arabic, and Sanskrit.
  • Rumi, a Latin alphabet, is used in writing the Malay language. Another form called Jawi which is a modified form of the Arabic script is also used.
  • The language utilises measure words found in the Chinese, Bengali, Vietnamese and Burmese languages.

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After finding out that my own driving licence can be used here  as long as it was in English, I chose Melbourne Translations for the service.  They’re very responsive to e-mails. I decided to have my other documents translated here too. Definitely recommend!

Steffi, Melbourne

After 24 hours, I received my document translation. Fast service and easy to use. I got my hard copy yesterday. Best translation experience I’ve had so far!

Julius, Melbourne

Price Guide - Malay Translations in Melbourne

Personal Malay Translations
At $69 per page, you can get your document translated. However, as each document differs from one another, so do our prices.

Corporate and Government Translations

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