Persian Translator MelbourneMelbourne Translations provides a full range of Persian translation services to companies, individuals, organisations and government offices in Melbourne and Australia.  We understand the idioms, culture and local customs of a place to adequately provide high-quality Persian translation services.

Top Quality Persian Translation Services

Our Persian translators are not only linguists, but they are experts on the languages they specialise in. You will be confident that your document is free from mistranslations and mistakes from colloquial speech. Your translation will also boast of authenticity.

For your translations, we only assign the most qualified Persian NAATI translator for your documents. Take for example if your document is a birth certificate, we will assign it to one of our Persian NAATI translator who specialises in drafting birth certificates.

We have gathered together only the experts in one Polish translation team to take on your projects.

Persian Document Translation

We particularly translate the following documents:

  • Marriage Certificates
  • Birth Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Academic Transcript
  • ID Cards
  • Police Checks
  • Degree Certificates

However, we are not only limited to these documents. If you have content that’s not on the list, feel free to chat with us via our 24/7 chat support. You can also opt to upload your document to our enquiry form, leave a message and we’ll get back to you in under 15 minutes. Yes, we love receiving your emails!

For a free quotation, please fill up the online form and we’ll email you with an instant estimate in a few minutes.

NAATI Certified Persian Translators

Melbourne Translations is just one of the few Persian translation services provider that has translators who have achieved the prestigious NAATI certification, an Australian accreditation for translation companies which aims to uphold a high translation standard. You, our customers, can be worry free and assured of the excellent quality of our Persian translation services.

Fast Translation Turnaround

Our highly skilled project managers and translators make sure to finish your document within the deadline without dropping the document’s quality. Our translation process is simple and smooth so your project will be delivered promptly. Just inform us of your deadline and experience firsthand our fast Persian translation services.

Upon completion of your document, we will ask for you to review the Persian translation. If approved, we will send you the NAATI certified soft copy.

Upon your request, we can also send you a hard copy by post (additional postage and handling fee applies).

Interesting Facts About the Persian LanguagePersian Translation Melbourne

  • The Persian language is spoken by residents in Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.
  • It is considered as an Indo-European Language that’s related to Kurdish, English, Pashto and Sanskrit.
  • The language consists of six vowels and twenty-three consonants. It has two consonants, gh and kh which are lacking in the English language. It doesn’t have any articles, gender or number agreement.
  • Written from right to left, the language makes use of a modified Arabic script. It has an overall seven diacriticals.
  • From the Persian language used in the tenth-century, it only has a few changes so anyone who can speak Persian can understand the old version of the language.

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Prompt, efficient and exceptional customer communication - they kept me informed throughout the whole process. I am so glad that I went with Melbourne Translations, would definitely deal with them again in the future and highly recommend their more
Rachel Santos
Rachel Santos
03:03 06 May 19
The best translation service agency I have ever experienced in AUS, only recommend! Due to personal demand i need to translate some documents from German to English urgently and i was so satisfied with their service: faire price, top quality and high effciency! Highly appreciated for Fritz and Arlyn of your great support regarding my request und be well! Kind regards, Yu Wangread more
yu wang
yu wang
21:02 10 Jun 19
Quick, professional, kind, efficient... What else? Simply amazing and such a great team! Thank you for helping me with the translations I needed for my more
Raffaella tomaiuolo
Raffaella tomaiuolo
03:02 04 Jan 19
Extremely professional and fast service, got my translations within 2 days without having paid for express translation! Very prompt attention to my queries and best value for money in my opinion. Thanks again Melbourne Translations! Highly more
Lisa Hauer
Lisa Hauer
00:45 04 Oct 18
Quick and efficient. They did Ru-eng translation for me between X-mas and NY and this was super fast. They sent me translated draft for check prior finalization and no correction was more
Ekaterina Travkina
Ekaterina Travkina
05:35 31 Jul 19
An excellent service- very prompt, thorough and polite attention. Highly recommended.
Dalys Lamson
Dalys Lamson
07:26 27 Aug 19
They were fast and quickly helped me with my time sensitive translation I would recommend their services.
Mateo Guerrero
Mateo Guerrero
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Absolutely blown away by the service provided. The speed was impressive!
Ilona W
Ilona W
08:25 05 May 20

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Personal Persian Translations
We translate standard documents for a per page rate starting at $69. Get an exact quote in a few minutes when you complete the form on this page.

Corporate and Government Translations

For each of our translations, prices vary according to a few factors such as language, turnaround time and subject matter. You can receive an instant quote for free by just completing the enquiry form.