Portuguese Translation Services Are you in need of a Portuguese translation services provider in Melbourne? We, here at Melbourne Translations, can help you get your message across your target audience and help with document applications including visa, job, and immigration purposes. 

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Portuguese Document Translation

With our experience in Portuguese document translation; we are well placed to help you achieve your business, department, organisation and personal objectives.

Get a quote within 15 minutes when you fill in your details on the online form on this page. Join our hundreds of satisfied customers today and discover why we are the leading and most reliable Portuguese translation services provider in Melbourne.

Types of Portuguese Translation Services

We provide Portuguese translation services for financial reports, legal documents, engineering manuals and a lot more. Click on the links below if you want to find out more about the document translation types that we support.

Let us know if you have a document that you want us to translate. Upload a copy of your document using our translation form, and we’ll send you an email in no more than 15 minutes!

Why Choose Melbourne Translations for Your Portuguese Translation Needs?

Melbourne translation is composed of a professional team of project managers and Portuguese NAATI translators. They are dedicated to ensuring that your projects are translated to a high standard.

Over the years, we have undertaken hundreds of Portuguese translation projects each year. Our customers range from small businesses, individuals, organisations, government offices to global brands.

We also offer an instant quote and 24/7 customer support which is appreciated by our clients. In no more than 15 minutes, receive an exact quote via email absolutely free! You only have to fill in your details on our online form located on this page.

If you have any queries, reach out to us. Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions.

In a hurry? Don’t worry. Here at Melbourne Translations, we adapt to the needs of our customers. We offer Express and Instant Portuguese translation services where you will be able to receive a fast translation within 24 hours. Just let us know your deadline, and we’ll deliver.

About the Portuguese Language

Here are some facts and trivia about the Portuguese language that you probably didn’t know about.Portuguese translation

  • The Portuguese language has taken the spot of being the 6th most spoken language on the planet and has fallen under the Romance languages category.
  • In 1920, Portugal made Portuguese its official language.  Now, there are around 230 million speakers in the entire world.
  • The Portuguese language was derived from Latin.
  • Despite coming from Portugal, Brazil has the most number of Portuguese speakers than any of the other countries where the language is used.
  • Portuguese has taken words from different languages such as French, Arabic, Italian, South American and African languages.


Prompt, efficient and exceptional customer communication - they kept me informed throughout the whole process. I am so glad that I went with Melbourne Translations, would definitely deal with them again in the future and highly recommend their services.read more
Rachel Santos
Rachel Santos
03:03 06 May 19
The best translation service agency I have ever experienced in AUS, only recommend! Due to personal demand i need to translate some documents from German to English urgently and i was so satisfied with their service: faire price, top quality and high effciency! Highly appreciated for Fritz and Arlyn of your great support regarding my request und be well! Kind regards, Yu Wangread more
yu wang
yu wang
21:02 10 Jun 19
Quick, professional, kind, efficient... What else? Simply amazing and such a great team! Thank you for helping me with the translations I needed for my VISA.read more
Raffaella tomaiuolo
Raffaella tomaiuolo
03:02 04 Jan 19
Extremely professional and fast service, got my translations within 2 days without having paid for express translation! Very prompt attention to my queries and best value for money in my opinion. Thanks again Melbourne Translations! Highly recommend.read more
Lisa Hauer
Lisa Hauer
00:45 04 Oct 18
Quick and efficient. They did Ru-eng translation for me between X-mas and NY and this was super fast. They sent me translated draft for check prior finalization and no correction was needed.read more
Ekaterina Travkina
Ekaterina Travkina
05:35 31 Jul 19
An excellent service- very prompt, thorough and polite attention. Highly recommended.
Dalys Lamson
Dalys Lamson
07:26 27 Aug 19
They were fast and quickly helped me with my time sensitive translation I would recommend their services.
Mateo Guerrero
Mateo Guerrero
05:15 04 Dec 19
Absolutely blown away by the service provided. The speed was impressive!
Ilona W
Ilona W
08:25 05 May 20

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Personal Portuguese Translations
Starting at $69 per page, standard documents in the personal Portuguese translation services are priced at a per page rate. To get your instant quote, just complete the online form and we will email you the detailed estimate in under 15 minutes.

Corporate and Government Translations

Pricing varies depending on a number of factors including subject matter, language, and turnaround time. Receive a quote by filling in your details on the form located on this web page. We will send you the exact quote within 15 minutes.