Spanish Translation ServicesAre you looking for affordable Spanish translation services with a fast turnaround time to keep up with your busy schedule and requirements? Worry no more, here at Melbourne Translations; we got you covered! Best of all, we’re 100% NAATI certified for all official purposes in Australia.

Professional Spanish Translation Services

Whether you have a big or small project, we guarantee that we provide Spanish translation services that’s high quality and accurate that’s delivered at your specified deadline.

Melbourne Translations specialises in a lot of languages including the Spanish language. We have been the leading Spanish translation services provider in Melbourne for years. Our team is composed of experienced project managers, proofreaders and NAATI certified translators, working 24/7.

Our company is dedicated to providing accurate and high-quality Spanish translation services for any type and size of a project that you have. We cater to our customers via our 24/7 customer support and communication at affordable rates and fast turnaround times.

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NAATI Certified Spanish Translations

As a company, we value the need for confidentiality and security when we work on a project with our customers especially in today’s digital world. All of our Spanish translators are NAATI certified which means we follow Australia’s best practice for translations. Rest assured, that you will be receiving a high-quality translation that conforms to NAATI’s high standards.

We are NAATI accredited.

Spanish NAATI Translator Pricing

The most common question that we get is “how much do NAATI certified Spanish translations cost?”

With that in mind, we try our best to ensure that give pricing guidance to our client’s so that they do not get any nasty surprises when requesting a quote. As a general guide, you can expect to pay only $69 per page, which includes GST. Of course, there are a number of factors that can change the pricing for our Spanish translation services, so please do send us your documents for a free quote.

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Spanish as a LanguageSpanish NAATI Translator

Derived from Iberia’s 9th-century dialects, Spanish is considered as a Romance language. It was turned into a separate language as it started to expand during the Middle Ages in Spain. Today, the European Union, United Nations and Mercosur use Spanish as their official language. Because of the Spanish conquests in the Age of Exploration and the Middle Ages, the language has spread all throughout the North and South America. As of today, it is used by Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Nicaragua, Panama and many other countries as an official language.

Around the world, it is the second largest language with a massive number of native speakers on the planet. It is second only to the Chinese language. In both the Americas and Spain, the Spanish language has evolved into a lot of dialects.


Fantastic and prompt service. Very easy to deal with and would highly recommend to anyone needing translation services.

Laura, Melbourne

Amazing and fast service. Great prices for what they offer compared to other translators. Very responsive to e-mails. Would definitely recommend!

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Price Guide - Spanish Translations in Melbourne

Personal Spanish Translations
The majority of personal Spanish translations are composed of standard documents such as birth certificates and marriage certificates. As such, each document is priced at a per page rate starting at $69. As each document is different from one another, so does the pricing. Upload your document and receive a firm quote.

Corporate and Government Translations

Get an exact quote in as fast as 15 minutes by completing the online form. We will get in touch via email. Prices vary depending on the document’s length, language, deadline and complexity.