Swedish translationAre you looking for cost-effective, affordable and speedy Swedish translation services for your documents? Then you have come to the right web page. Melbourne Translations is a result-oriented Swedish translation services provider and offers exceptional Swedish translations.

Fast and Reliable Swedish Translation Services

We have worked with various clients in different fields including engineering, technical, legal, medical and financial just to name a few. Our services are fast, affordable and most importantly reliable! We have over 7 years of experience in this domain s reach out to us today to get your free quote.

Testimonials – So many 5-Star reviews!

Fast efficient service. I used the chat line on a Saturday afternoon and a real person responded and helped me with all my questions. The translation was arranged in a matter of an hour and I got a draft on the Monday!!! Would happily recommend this service to anyone needing documents translated.The staff handling the request via email were prompt and very polite. I have not encountered such wonderful service in a long time. They are to be congratulated.read more
Carla Sanders
Carla Sanders
06:24 16 Jan 18
Amazing and fast service. Great prices for what they offer compared to other translators. Very responsive to e-mails. Would definitely recommend!read more
Ashy Sheppard
Ashy Sheppard
23:32 10 Jan 18
I wish all services provided such fast and clear communication with their customers. I needed 5 pages of documents translated fast for my visa application. EthnoLink were very well priced, excellent quality and they always responded to my emails within a few minutes, even on the weekend. I would definitely recommend this translation service to others who need documents translated.read more
Wolfgang Müller
Wolfgang Müller
04:28 05 Dec 17
The EthnoLink team, Shine and Fritz are very responsive when I had a problem, I was more impressed at their level of customer service, if I wasn't impressed already. The chat button on their website is a great tool to communicate directly so a phone number is really not required. One of the best customer service experiences i've ever had.read more
Winda Liem
Winda Liem
21:51 19 Dec 17
First time I used this service and it couldn't have been better. Found myself in a pickle, arriving in Australia and not having a valid international driver's license. After finding out that my own driving license would be accepted here (for driving on holiday) as long as it were translated into english, I chose EthnoLink for the service. After 24 hours I had a pdf copy of my translation, and 2 days later the hard copy came on the mail. No fuss, no problems! Great service! Thank you so much for your help! Would, and will, use this service again whenever needed. Five star service!read more
Nuno Geraldes Barba
Nuno Geraldes Barba
08:22 18 Jan 18
Great Service & price for translation from Vietnamese to English. The staff reads your email & answers your questions to make sure you get the service you require rather than push the service on you. This was paramount for me since my translations had to be acceptable by the Australian government. Will use & recommend this service provider again even if they charged more than others but they don't. Same price as others but much better service. Why would you go elsewhere?read more
Tuyen T.T. Nguyen
Tuyen T.T. Nguyen
03:26 18 Feb 18
Translations were done quickly and always look professional. The information translated is always completely accurate. I highly recommend this company to anyone. A pleasure to do busines with.read more
Ryan Knight
Ryan Knight
06:52 09 Mar 18
I highly recommend the services of EthnoLink. They were very professional, courteous and efficient. I needed to have my license translated and it was done in no time at all and no hassles. Thank you again, Andrea and team!read more
Jamie. P Chant
Jamie. P Chant
02:18 15 Mar 18
Excellent service. Perfect translation from Danish to English first time around with very efficient friendly service. Highly recommend.read more
Sheila Melton
Sheila Melton
02:55 21 Mar 18
I have chosen EthnoLink Translation Service for helping me translate my French diploma to certified Naati English version. Fritz kindly talked to me through live chat and asked for requirements in order to make sure they can help me. The service is very effective and professional, I received the copy in 2 days! Millions thanks to Fritz & Shine, and other staff working on the translation I don't know their names.read more
Manuel MA
Manuel MA
07:22 28 Mar 18
Reasonable prices, excellent, respectful online communications, including email communications. And they were quick. I recommend this service if you need Greek documents translated.read more
Joe G
Joe G
22:21 17 Apr 18
I needed a quick translation in Korean ( not an official document) and they were very prompted to quote and got the draft for approval after only one business day. I really recommend Ethnolink: very efficient and responsiveread more
Chris R
Chris R
03:05 26 Apr 18

For businesses, we have the most qualified translator to match your translations. On the other hand, for individuals, we provide NAATI certified translators who stamp your documents, so you are guaranteed to have your document accepted by Australian authorities requiring NAATI translations.

Start today and receive your translation with a fast turnaround. Let us know your deadline, and we’ll deliver.

Why Choose Melbourne Translations?

Swedish NAATI Translator

Our expert team of project managers and Swedish NAATI translators have years of translation experience in the Swedish speaking market. Throughout the years we have gained enough knowledge on what to ask to make sure that your documents are translated to the best possible quality.

A Swedish NAATI translator is the best choice for all of your Swedish translation needs. We are committed to working with Australia’s leading Swedish translators to bring you the best service available world-wide.

Around Melbourne, we are the preferred supplier of Swedish translation services to small businesses, global brands, government institutions, organisations and individuals.Our capability to rapidly translate documents is our key advantage and means that you’ll be able to reach your target audience faster with confidence that your message will be intact.

Swedish Translation Services – Documents We Translate

On a daily basis, we translate thousands of words including Swedish:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Swedish Birth Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • ID Cards
  • Police Checks
  • Police Clearance Certificates
  • Divorce Decrees
  • Diploma Certificate
  • Swedish Driver’s Licences

We are not restricted to the above document types. Reach out and upload your document via the online translation quote form and let us assess your document. We will email you a firm estimate in no more than 15 minutes.

Want to Engage Our Swedish Translation Services?

Follow these easy steps to get your translation from your home. (Note: There’s no need to come to our office for a translation. Isn’t that convenient? Get it all done online.)

  1. Fill in the translation form that you see on this web page. Attach a clear photo of your document and check your email. We will send you the exact quotation in a matter of 15 minutes.
  2. Complete your payment by bank transfer, Paypal or credit card, whichever you prefer.
  3. Once done, you will receive a draft copy of the translation which you will review and approve.
  4. If you are satisfied with the translation, we will proceed to send you the final translation soft copy via email. Plus, if you want, we will send you a certified hard copy via post.

Now you’re done! Easy, right? Get an instant quote now.

4 Interesting Facts About the Swedish LanguageSwedish Translation Services

  1. If you know how to speak the Swedish language, you can also understand Norwegian and Danish as these languages are somewhat similar to each other. Cool, huh?
  2. Did you know that Sweden means ‘our kingdom’? Approximately 2,000 years ago, the Svear people used the word Sverige-the Swedish word for the country Sweden which is made up of two words: svear meaning we and rike meaning kingdom.
  3. Nouns come first before articles, unlike the English language.
  4. It was only used as Sweden’s national language In 2009.

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Price Guide - Swedish Translations in Melbourne

Personal Swedish Translations
At $69 per page, you’ll receive a high quality and error-free document translation. However, as each document is different from one another, our pricings vary on a number of factors such as the document’s length, turnaround time and complexity.

Corporate and Government Translations

Get an instant quote for your document/s thorugh the online form. Prices vary due to length, language and deadline of the document.